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We can’t afford to offset our aviation emissions

Aviation’s pollution problem could cost $1 trillion in carbon removal by 2050, according to new research. But relying on carbon offsets to tackle climate change has failed time and again to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

about 1 hour ago on The Verge

Anker finally comes clean about its Eufy security cameras

Anker’s Eufy, one of the few security camera brands promising to always end-to-end encrypt your footage, admits it didn’t do so on the web. Anker originally ignored our questions, but now we’re getting answers.

about 3 hours ago on The Verge

Despite mounting opposition, the Bay Area’s robotaxis keep racking up the miles

Waymo and Cruise submitted their latest data reports, and both show steady progress in the number of trips and miles covered by the companies robotaxis.

about 7 hours ago on The Verge

Instagram’s co-founders are back with Artifact, a kind of TikTok for text

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram, announced Artifact, a news app that uses machine learning and algorithmic recommendations to serve a feed of stories to readers.

about 8 hours ago on The Verge

The stage is set for Samsung’s Ultra pep rally

Samsung is hosting Galaxy Unpacked 2023 in person, the latest tech company to return to live events. It comes at an awkward time as the pace of mobile innovation slows down.

about 9 hours ago on The Verge

Schlage’s new lever lock can smarten up all your other doors

The new Schlage lever lock is a keypad and keyed smart lock for standard single bore-hole doors. Designed for garages and side doors, home offices and guest rooms, the lock is Wi-Fi-enabled for remote and voice control.

about 10 hours ago on The Verge

Cyberpunk 2077 now has DLSS 3 to boost frame rates

CD Projekt Red is rolling out a new Cyberpunk 2077 update that includes DLSS 3 support. Nvidia’s latest upscaling technique can boost frame rates in Cyberpunk 2077 by more than 50 percent at 4K.

about 10 hours ago on The Verge

4chan users embrace AI voice clone tool to generate celebrity hatespeech

AI voice cloning software is improving rapidly — as is its accessibility. 4chan users recently discovered free software that lets them clone the voices of celebrities like Joe Rogan and Emma Watson, generating audio samples ranging from hatespeech to erotica.

about 11 hours ago on The Verge