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Phones from and by Google: a visual history of the Pixel and its predecessors

Google introduced its first phone to compete with the iPhone through a partnership with HTC in 2008. This year, the Pixel 7 will be the latest addition to the lineup.

about 9 hours ago on The Verge

The biggest Pixel 6 frustrations that Google should fix with the Pixel 7

As Google prepares to introduce the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, there are some hardware issues from the Pixel 6 lineup that could use improvement. These include overheating, weak signal, and more.

about 12 hours ago on The Verge

Elon Musk is buying Twitter again — what does that mean for Tesla?

If Elon Musk ends up owning Twitter, Tesla is likely to enter uncharted territory. The company’s valuation is conjoined with Musk’s status as a soothsayer, but foreign entanglements could mute his power.

about 12 hours ago on The Verge

I want Google’s camera app level in all my cameras

Google Pixel phones have an incredibly handy virtual horizon tool that most other cameras pale in comparison to — even big dedicated system cams.

about 13 hours ago on The Verge

Vergecast: Kindle Scribe feelings, printer problems, and earbuds on a bike

David Pierce and Alex Cranz chat with Amazon’s Dave Limp. David answers a listener’s question about why printers suck. Becca Farsace tests out which earbuds sound the best when calling from a bike.

about 15 hours ago on The Verge

Amazon curbs corporate retail hiring for the rest of 2022

An internal announcement sent to Amazon recruiters has mentioned that the company will not be filling any more of its corporate or tech positions for the rest of the year.

1 day ago on The Verge

The new iOS is more exciting than the new iPhone this year

There’s more enjoyment to be had from iOS 16 and its fun customizability than the iPhone 14 can offer this year. From colorful lock screens to photo cutouts, it’s just plain fun compared to Dynamic Island.

1 day ago on The Verge

Pat Gelsinger came back to turn Intel around — here’s how it’s going

How CEO Pat Gelsinger changed the culture at Intel, advocated for the CHIPS Act, and bet big on the silicon heartland with an ambitious new site in Ohio.

1 day ago on The Verge