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Apple drops controversial plans for child sexual abuse imagery scanning

A plan unveiled last year for client-side scanning of iCloud Photos to detect imagery of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) has been abandoned as Apple focuses on end-to-end encryption and other ways to protect children.

about 2 hours ago on The Verge

Stop burning trees for energy, scientists urge ahead of UN Biodiversity Conference

Bioenergy has boomed at the expense of forests where trees are cleared to make wood pellets for power plants. Ahead of the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, hundreds of scientists have asked world leaders to stop the practice.

about 4 hours ago on The Verge

Snapchat’s big new augmented reality feature is letting creators make money

Some Snapchat augmented reality creators will be able to make money off in-app lenses. Snap hopes creator monetization will help bolster its AR business.

about 7 hours ago on The Verge

BMW thinks it can turn speed bumps into energy for its EVs

BMW filed a patent application for a new suspension that would allow a car to generate energy from bumps in the road. The i7 electric sedan could see the new tech first.

about 8 hours ago on The Verge

SpaceX launches new Starlink service aimed specifically at governments

SpaceX has announced a new government-focused service on its website — Starshield — which it says offers a “secured satellite network for government entities.” Its website says “Starshield is designed for government use.”

about 8 hours ago on The Verge

Tim Cook and President Biden came to Arizona to announce plans for American-made chips

AMD and Nvidia will also be customers at TSMC’s Phoenix fab, which will start producing chips in 2024 and add a new site in 2026.

about 19 hours ago on The Verge

A new video shows how your voice can help you fight zombies in Dead Island 2

A new Dead Island 2 trailer features the game’s Alexa Game Control technology that lets you do certain actions with just your voice.

1 day ago on The Verge

Apple still can’t figure out what kind of car it wants to make

Apple’s long-rumored car could cost less than $100,000 when it’s finally available to buy, according to Bloomberg. The car may have reduced self-driving capabilities than originally planned.

1 day ago on The Verge